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Your home energy score is based on a scale 1 to 10. The scale is adjusted for local climate and estimates the home’s total energy use. Your current score is based on the assessment data obtained during the inspection. Your score is not based on energy usage per square foot. Therefore, all things being equal, the larger the house the lower score.

Home facts

This section shows the data gathered by the assessor, which is then used to determine the score. Here is where you will also see energy use estimates. This data includes basic information about the home, its components and energy systems, and estimated total annual energy use in MBTUS (million British thermal units). The estimated annual energy use is based on the fuel source type.


There may be recommendations, these are expected to pay you back in 10 years or less.  Items that you repair now would lower your energy use quickly, conserve energy, and improve comfort. These are the most cost-effective items to repair and have the shortest payback period.

Equipment that you replace later will assist in saving energy when it comes time to replace or upgrade.  Each recommendation will have an estimate of how much money you will save on annual utility bills.

Key Features of the Home Energy Score

An energy efficiency score based on the home’s envelope and heating, cooling, and hot water systems

A total energy use estimate, as well as estimates by fuel type, assuming standard operating conditions and occupant behavior

Recommendations for cost-effective improvements and associated annual cost savings estimates

“Score with Improvements” reflects the home’s expected score if cost-effective improvements are implemented

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