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What is a Home Energy Score?

It’s a score based on a standard assessment of energy-related assets, and it gives home buyers a better idea on what the real energy cost is for a particular home. Equivalent to MPG on a car.

It is required by the city of Portland when selling your house after January 1, 2018. If you are selling with an agent, on your own, or simply advertising your home for sale, then you must obtain a Home Energy Score Report.

The Home Energy Score Report may only be performed by a state licensed Home Energy Assessor and is good for 2 years.

A Home Energy Score Report will become void and invalid if any alteration or remodel is done that affects the heated square footage of your home. A new Home Energy Score Report must then be obtained.

Check to see if you need a Home Energy Score

Simply enter your address here at Portland Maps and look next to the Jurisdiction field to see if you are in the City of Portland’s jurisdictional boundary.

After the data points are entered into the software, the Home Energy Score Report will be immediately available at the Green Building Registry.

How to show the Score

The Home Energy Score Report should be easily available and accessible to any prospective buyer. It should be included in any listing or advertising. Real-estate professionals will know what to do.

If you are selling on your own, include the score in any online postings. If an upload is possible, include the full report. If an upload is not possible, include a link to the report on the Green Building Registry.

You are required to place hard copy print-outs of your report in an obvious location where buyers will see it.


The buildings and homes in the U.S. consume 40% of all our energy and 75% of all our electricity. About 30% of that energy is wasted by our homes


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